Real Estate Development Architecture

GHG Group is a Real Estate and Construction company with core competence in land acquisition and timely completion of projects. The company operates from Kolkata, India, and has executed a string of large residential and commercial complexes.

Computer Retailing and Servicing

We are authorized laptop dealers for HP, Dell, Sony Vaio, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Intel, Samsung and Toshiba. Assembling of desktops is also carried out. Computer accessories like pendrives, hard disks, headphones, tablets, speakers, printers and scanners etc are sold at our retail shop. A specialized service center for repair and AMC related matter For any further queries, please click here or call us at +91-33 2236-1262 / +91-9883225382

GHG Lapcomp Shop
The retail shops
GHG Softech Service Center
GHG Softech and Lapcomp Sales Team

Automobile Financing

GHG also deals with financing and hypothecation of light and heavy commercial vehicles. We specialize in financing of 4 stroke auto rickshaws. Our company also deals with the auctioned vehicles from TATA Motors and ICICI Bank. For any further queries, please click here or call us at +91-33 2237-2087/88

The Automobile Financing and Real Estate Development Team
Automobile Financing Vehicle